Daniel Lubarov


Engineer at Google (2016—present)

  • Designed and implemented several prototypes for Google Glass.
  • Designed and implemented the real-time translation feature of Google Pixel Buds.
  • Responsible for Android emulator systems which execute millions of tests per day.

Engineer at Square (2012—present)

  • Developed scalable and highly-available payment services; led integrations with new card networks.
  • Worked on the Android Register application. Developed its first emulator tests, and a library called Burst for parameterized tests. Also developed customer-facing features like invoicing.
  • Designed and implemented an Android CI system, which runs 6000+ unit tests and 500+ emulator tests in parallel across many devices.
  • Designed and implemented an internal website which hosts Square's Android and iOS builds, and provides over-the-air installs.

Engineering Intern at LinkedIn (2011)

Worked on LinkedIn’s social graph backend, a high-concurrency Scala application. Addressed scalability problems related to highly-connected users by changing the way connections are stored in memory and on disk.

Engineering Intern at Yelp (2010)

Wrote a naive Bayes classifier for uncategorized businesses. The project made it to production, and the classifier outperformed humans from Mechanical Turk — see this article or our original paper.

Research at Harvey Mudd College (2009)

We developed “azTrace,” a profiling and analysis tool which works with several languages. I wrote the memory profilers for Java and PHP, using a combination of instrumentation and reflection.

Assistant at Digital Places (2006—2007)

Developed web applications for local clients, which included schools and research labs.



Java, Python, Ruby, Scala, Go, C++, Bash


HTML/CSS, JavaScript, WebGL


Git, SVN, LaTeX, Berkeley DB, Postgres, MySQL, AWS


UIST Student Innovation Contest (2009)

1st place for Most Useful. We developed the “Heelblazer,” a foot typing system with intelligent word prediction, using a prototype pressure-sensitive keyboard from Microsoft Research.

ACM ICPC Programming Contest

Competed in the Southern California regional. Placed 6th (2008), 13th (2009), 3rd (2010), and 8th (2011).

Google Code Jam

Advanced to Round 2 in 2009, 2014, 2015 and 2016.


B.S., Harvey Mudd College (2008—2012)

Relevant courses: Information Security, Neural Networks, Algorithms, Data Structures, Computer Systems.